The Chase Fish and Oyster was born from our love for the Maritimes, social dining and all things seafood. Our Design, inspired by beach houses, evokes a comfortable and nautical experience.

Fish and Oyster’s menu is seafood focused and meant for sharing. Our menu is always evolving but our mission to deliver quality seafood in a vibrant atmosphere is as dependable as the tides.

  • 1

    Hold the oyster cup side down, flat side up, with the hinged or narrow end in your hand. Insert the knife about 1/3 back from the wide end of the oyster.

  • 2

    Go in using the knife and cut the muscle. Be careful to keep your fingers out of the path of the knife.

  • 3

    Detach the muscle from the bottom shell.

  • 4

    Carefully roll the meat over, taking care to neatly detach the muscle underneath.

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